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Welcome to the BattleActs Wiki for CAS Exam 6-Canada!

  • This wiki complements BattleActs, which is an online study system created by our study aid company of the same name.

To study for CAS Exam 6-Canada

  • Read the article Exam 6-Canada Intro.
  • Use the BattleBriefings in this wiki to familiarize yourself with the material
  • Register for BattleActs to drill yourself on facts and typical calculation problems
  • From the CAS website:
    • Examiner's reports (VERY IMPORTANT)
    • PDFs of the original source material

Critical BattleLinks

Note on Formatting

I sometimes use parentheses to separate and highlight phrases. If you can break a long sentence into chunks, it will be easier to grasp the meaning, and also to remember it. Here's an example from Dutil.FA, the paper on Facility Association (FA):

The #1 fact to memorize about FA is:

Goal of FA: to ensure (auto insurance availability) for (all owners & licensed drivers) unable (to obtain coverage through the voluntary market)

The phrases in parentheses are not really parenthetical statements - they are meant to separate and highlight.