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2018 Fall

Based on user feedback, the BattleCards corresponding to the 2018.Fall exam will NOT be loaded into the BattleActs database until after the 2019.Spring exam. This is to provide the opportunity for practice on a fresh exam prior to your real exam.

But for reference, here is a listing of topics and questions for 2018.Fall.

The code: (Bloom) indicates that portions of that question were "Bloom's Taxonomy" which means they required a higher-order understanding of the material, versus simple memorization.

2018.Fall Avg Scores - All Candidates (click to download then open in Excel)

link reference paper tested topic type of problem
E (2018.Fall #1) McD.Intro provincial contract & transaction matters, federal vs provincial authority essay (c: Bloom)
E (2018.Fall #2) McD.Intro insurance reference case, OSFI's requirements for insurer incorporation essay
E (2018.Fall #3) KPMG.RegOv Canadian approaches to rate regulation, advantages of flex rating essay
E (2018.Fall #4) AB.TNC use periods essay
E (2018.Fall #5) ICBC.Affordable, Marshall.Benefits issues & solutions to auto insurance issues in BC and ON essay
E (2018.Fall #6) FSCO.PPA prohibited/permitted rating variables in ON essay
E (2018.Fall #7) IBC.Code wording of customer consent request for using credit scores (principle #3) essay
E (2018.Fall #8) Land.Cases Alie v. Bertrand Frere, Precision Plating v. Axa essay
E (2018.Fall #9) CAS.ATRA class action lawsuits, jury services reform essay
E (2018.Fall #10) Dutil.FA differences between the ON and AB risk-sharing pool essay
E (2018.Fall #11) IBC.Flood evaluate flood insurance systems, increasing uptake rates essay
E (2018.Fall #12) Chev.Agric probable yield tests, premium rates, self-sustainability essay
E (2018.Fall #13) Dibra.Fail, PACICC.Comp causes of insurer failure, PACICC assessments essay/calc
E (2018.Fall #14) Webel1.TRIA uninsurability of terrorism, loss-sharing, other govt solutions essay (c: Bloom)
E (2018.Fall #15) OSFI.MCT calculate MCT ratio calc
E (2018.Fall #16) CCIR.ARinstr, CIA.MfAD, CIA.Accting ALPHABET CITY: calculate various financial statement quantities calc
E (2018.Fall #17) IFA.Solvency2 ENID: defn, purpose, considerations, benefits essay
E (2018.Fall #18) CIA.Reins, Frei.RskTrans principles of risk transfer, risk-limiting features essay (c: Bloom)
E (2018.Fall #19) OSFI.MCT, OSFI.Eqk calculate earthquake reserves, principles of managing earthquake risk calc
E (2018.Fall #20) CIA.DCAT, CIA.Mat base scenario, PAS, management actions, satisfactory financial condition essay/calc (c: Bloom)
E (2018.Fall #21) BCAR.Cdn BCAR premium risk, factors affecting BCAR value, BCAR versus MCT essay
E (2018.Fall #22) OSFI.Stress stress testing in flood insurance, responsibilities of snr mgmt, focus areas essay (ac: Bloom)
E (2018.Fall #23) OSFI.ORSA, OSFI.TargCap identify how AA did not follow guidelines in setting internal target capital essay (Bloom)
E (2018.Fall #24) CCIR.ARinstr, MSA.Ratios calculate financial statement quantities, MSA ratios calc
E (2018.Fall #25) OSFI.MCT. OSFI.ORSA calculate MCT, describe why ORSA may be better than MCT essay/calc
E (2018.Fall #26) CIA.MfAD, OSFI.MCT, CIA.PrLiabs premium vs claim liabilities, diversification benefit, DPAE, flood risk in MCT essay (Bloom)
E (2018.Fall #27) CIA.Accting calculate NI & OCI, effect of market rate change, HTM bonds, FV Option essay/calc
E (2018.Fall #28) CIA.Valn effects of IFRS 17 essay
E (2018.Fall #29) CIA.Subseq definition of subsequent event, decision tree essay
E (2018.Fall #30) OSFI.AA, ICA.Ch47 AA qualifications, AA reporting duties, AA resignation essay

2018 Spring

Based on user feedback, the BattleCards corresponding to the 2018.Spring exam will NOT be loaded into the BattleActs database until after the 2018.Fall exam. This is to provide the opportunity for practice on a fresh exam prior to your real exam.

But for reference, here is a listing of topics and questions for 2018.Spring

link reference paper tested topic type of problem
E (2018.Spring #1) McD.Intro insurance reference case concept
E (2018.Spring #2) FSCO.PPA Ontario filing requirements concept/calculation
E (2018.Spring #3) IBC.Code analyze a scenario related to credit scoring concept
E (2018.Spring #4) FSCO.UBI rationale for UBI, regulator concerns, customer communications concept
E (2018.Spring #5) Land.Cases (a) AMOS vs ICBC (b) removed from 2018.Fall syllabus concept
E (2018.Spring #6) Dav.NonPec reasons for caps on damages, situations where caps don't apply concept
E (2018.Spring #7) removed from 2018.Fall syllabus
E (2018.Spring #8) Chev.Agric Growing Forward program, production insurance, role of private insurers concept
E (2018.Spring #9) IBC.Flood categorization of flood insurance programs, create a flood insurance program concept
E (2018.Spring #10) CAS.GovtIns 1 reasons for govt participation in insurance, efficiency overstated, evaluation concept
E (2018.Spring #11) Dibra.Fail analyze scenario for potential insolvency concept
E (2018.Spring #12) Dutil.FA FARM vs RSP, risk transfer rules concept
E (2018.Spring #13) CIA.Accting, OSFI.MCT 2 bond valution, qualitative impact of bond values on MCT ratio concept
E (2018.Spring #14) OSFI.MCT, CIA.MfAD, CIA.PrLiabs 3 interest rate risk margin calculation
E (2018.Spring #15) CCIR.ARinstr, CIA.MfAD 4 excess (deficiency ratio), discounted & undiscounted loss ratios calculation
E (2018.Spring #16) CIA.Reins, BK.Reins (a) key principles of risk transfer (b) see Ex 4 in BK.Reins paper (c) functions of reins concept/calculation
E (2018.Spring #17) OSFI.MCT, OSFI.Eqk earthquake reserves (ERC), earthquake modeling & financial resources concept/calculation
E (2018.Spring #18) OSFI.MCT, OSFI.TargCap MCT ratio, regulatory requirements calculation
E (2018.Spring #19) CIA.DCAT plausible adverse scenarios, ripple effects, evaluating insurer health concept
E (2018.Spring #20) OSFI.ORSA comparing MCT to ORSA concept
E (2018.Spring #21) MSA.Ratios ROE, ROA, net leverage calculation
E (2018.Spring #22) BCAR.Cat BCAR data quality, principles, reason for 2nd BCAR NatCat test, BCAR tolerance concept
E (2018.Spring #23) Odo.FinReg basic accounting concepts concept
E (2018.Spring #24) CIA.DCAT analyze scenario & actions of appointed actuary concept
E (2018.Spring #25) CIA.Subseq subsequent events concept
E (2018.Spring #26) CIA.MfAD PfAD ranges, interpreting PfADs concept
E (2018.Spring #27) OSFI.AA peer review, external audit concept
1 There is a forum thread regarding the answer to part (c) of #10 in the examiner's report. It appears they were unreasonably strict in their interpretation of the reading. See this forum thread.
2 The answer to part (b.ii) of #13 in the examiner's report is wrong. See this forum thread for an explanation.
3 Strictly speaking, you cannot solve the problem as given because they did not provide the interest rate risk margin %. You had to assume it was the same as the interest rate MfAD. Sample answer 1 in the examiner's report used 1.25% as the interest rate risk margin, which you could not have known. Sample answer 2 used 0.5%, which was the interest rate MfAD. This is not correct but it was the only reasonable assumption, otherwise you could not solve the problem.
4 There is an typo in part (b) of #15 in the examiner's report. In sample answer 1, they add the investment income in the numerator instead of subtracting it (+1520.7 instead of -1520.7). Their final answer is correct, however. Note that sample answer 2 is done correctly. (Thanks to xQEDx for noticing this!)